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Does Buffalo get to vote on what gets built on it's waterfront? Are the board members of the ECHDC elected officials? who are they accountable too? and who picks what projects get done? Is the ECHDC's vision a city wide, county wide vision?

Please watch this interesting video Finding a way to make the right Vision for Buffalo NY

Just a brief note on the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corp: 

ECHDC is a division of Empire State Development Corp.  created to spearhead the waterfront development effort. Their  mission is to revitalize WNY's waterfront and restore economic growth to Buffalo based on the region's legacy of pride, urban significance and natural beauty. 

The Erie Canal Harbor Development Corp... this is what they are up to,  ECHDC update you be the judge:

ECHDC's outer harbor plans are the acquisition of significant land parcels to restore and beautify, by planting, lawns and grassy areas, as well as native  buffalo vegetation, trees and other aesthetic green improvements to the waterfront of buffalo. In hopes to get these sites ready for long-term development opportunities. 
  • negotiations regarding a lease of over 113 acres and eventual transfer of 200+ acres of NFTA property and facilities.
  • Aquire a seven-acre outer harbor site from Cargill, Inc. --this has already happened
  • Transfer of the NYPA ice boom parcel is currently under contract and subject to relocation of the ice boom.

Buffalo's Green Belt - a new initiative launched by Mayor Byron W. Brown and the City of Buffalo.   This is a great idea, but we want to make sure none of this is misleading, and that the people of Buffalo actually have a say in what gets developed down there.  Stay posted on the Green Belt initiative as further information comes to light. 

"With hundreds of acres of shovel ready properties, access to fresh water, rail, interstate and workforce, the Buffalo Green Belt is an excellent location for sustainable development in the City of Buffalo…"

One area we currently know of that is close to shovel ready is River Bend, but it's about a year away.   The idea of this Green Belt is definitely a great move forward, but  if Buffalo really wants to attract new business here, and keep its youth home, and even draw new people to move to Buffalo, then we have to build a new convention center/football stadium combined.   This is a city-saving project, and if it does get done with Green principles, then Buffalo will create a whole new job sector focused on renewable energy.  If we build it they will come......There is some shovel ready land, lets make sure we use it to help grow Buffalo on all levels and not just sell it to another manufacturing eye sore that will only create internal jobs, we need a new job sector in Buffalo -  The Renewable Energy Sector.

Just imagine the first ever Stadium/Convention Center that uses these similar principles . No wonder most residents of Buffalo are jaded, they stopped the casino, and everyone feels that we need a new convention center and stadium but no one thinks this can be done.  Your chance, your voice Buffalo - don't be skeptical, be supportive!

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